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Thursday, November 23, 2006


European companies financed by VCs in 2006

Paul Fisher, associate director at First Capital, posted a round-up on venture capital activity in european internet and media companies.
In particular he posted the list of all seed and round A investments so far, must read.

Companies mentioned so far:
Aggregator (IP TV), All Peers (private P2P file sharing), AutoQuake (sell cars online), Bebo (social networking), Daily Motion (online video), Eyeka (mobile video and image hosting), Fon (WiFi network), Igglo (real estate), (music recommendation and filter system), Mind Candy (gaming), MooPrint (custom printing), Netvibes (ajax desktop), Pageflake (ajax desktop), Quintura (visual search), Qype (local search and reviews), Skinkers (RSS), Soflow (enterprise networking), Spreadshirt (custom T-shirts), Stardoll (online community), Viagogo (online tickets), Wiggle (e-commerce), Yuuguu (enterprise collaboration).

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