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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Le Web 3: the Aftermath

What happened at LeWeb3, the conference organized by French blogger and entrepreneur Loic Le Meur ?
Last-minute panel with ex-Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Perezm and French Presidential candidates Nikolas Sarkozy and François Bayrou raised a wave of unrest across the blogosphere:

LeWeb3 Fallout. As A Speaker, I’m Not Happy
LeWeb3 is political propaganda
Loic Lemeur: Betraying 1000 attendees for his own political ambitions?
Why are they there?
Le Web 3 hacked by French politicians
Election campaign at LeWeb3
Le Web 3: The Sarkozy Show
Tom Raftery: Le Web 3 renamed Loic (pronounced Le Week)
leweb3: no politicians for the politics and blogging session
Le Web 3: old fashioned propaganda

Tom Morris is collecting more quotes on the conference.

Sam Sethi had to leave TechCrunch UK, as explained by Arrington.

Anyone has positive comments? Please send them to me.

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