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Monday, December 11, 2006


Top 10 European Internet Startups to watch in 2007

Here's my list of European startups to watch in 2007:

1. Sulake Corporation
Creator of the online community Habbo, it pioneered together with Linden Labs new monetization strategies for virtual worlds.

Community website for music fans that is growing into the ultimate post-filter in a long-tail media industry.

3. Blyk
Will launch in mid 2007 as the first free, ad-supported mobile carrier targeted to the youth market.

4. FON
Counting on investments from Skype, Google, Sequoia and Index, FON plans to blanket the world with user-contrubuted hotspots.

5. The Venice Project
Started by Zennstrom and Friis (founders of Skype and Kazaa), brings peer-to-peer technology to video streaming to disrupt the television industry.

6. MX Telecom
A mobile application and service provider, has seen fast-growing revenues over the past years and is well positioned to provide the infrastructure to emerging mobile 2.0 businesses.

Social networking website that plans to monetize its traffic in the travel and lifestyle markets.

8. Xing
Formerly known as OpenBC, the company is the main player in European business social networking space.

9. Quintura
A new player in the visual search space, Quintura recently closed a round of financing to find its way in this lucrative but crowded space.

10. Netvibes
Emerging as a category leader in AJAX desktops and startpages, Netvibes is well positioned to become a web 2.0 success story.

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